Level up your cooking with Vitinni from air fryers to multi-cookers and coffee machines, there is something for all of your cooking needs. We stock a range of high quality pans to make ease of your morning fry up. With high quality products at affordable prices, you won't be disappointed.

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Vitinni Kitchen

Blending looks and practicality, our Vitinni Kitchen range offers something for every kitchen.

Our air fryer range consists of a variety of models, perfect for any family size. Our 3.8L air fryer is the smallest in the range, making it ideal for a single or 2 person family, whereas our 6L air fryer has a larger single basket, ideal for cooking for 3-4 people, and can even fit a whole roast chicken inside! Our larger air fryer models consist of an 8L dual basket air fryer, perfect for making different meals at the same time. For larger families, our 11L double air fryer oven is perfect for cooking all types of food, its convenient shelved design allows you to fit large amounts in at once, without compromising on taste. 

Bring outdoor grilling indoors with our electric health grill range. Featuring a 2 in 1 air fryer and grill, this product is perfect for cooking burgers, steaks, chips and more. With a temperature of up to 220 degrees, achieved that outdoor BBQ effect, indoors. Our health grill & panini press pairs your classic toastie maker with an indoor grill. With easy cleaning removable plates and even waffle plates, this will soon end up your most used appliance!

The Te Verde Kettle is the perfect morning companion, boasting a variable temperature control and a keep warm function, it is simple to use and a stylish addition to any kitchen. Love infused tea? Our infuser kettle is perfect for making fruit teas and more. You can even make noodles and porridge in there! 

Shop our espresso machine and skip the morning coffee queues, using ground coffee this makes the perfect cup of coffee in just minutes. The built in frothing arm allows you to create cappuchinos, lattes and more at the press of a button. Prefer hot chocolate or instant coffee? Our milk frother can be used for hot, or cold milk. Add in your milk and get to frothing. This is perfect for milkshakes and other frothy cold drinks, with an easy to use press button and stylish stainless steel design, it is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Explore our range of food mixers for the perfect baking assistant! Our 6L black stand mixer is perfect for whipping up cakes, bread and more. With an easy to use turn dial, whip up your favourites in minutes. Short on space? Our cordless hand mixer is perfect for using on the go, and where space is limited. Simply charge up, then get to work, its handy plastic bowl allows you to easily store in the fridge if needed.

Our multi-cooker range is perfect for making ease of family cooking. Our rice cooker is perfect for cooking large batches of rice, and can also be used for porridge, slow cooking and more. Our large multi-cooker is perfect for stews, soups curries and other family favourites. With a large capacity non-stick pot and 9 built in functions, cook with ease at the touch of a button. Its high pressure system provides slow cooked results in half the time, perfect for week night meals. Lastly, our multi-cooker and steamer is the ideal companion for slow cooking and steaming. Easily cook your food in the pot, and steam your veg similtaneously at the same time.

Shop our range of pans & cooking accessories for the perfect meal prep equipment. From chopping boards to air fryer liners and pans, there is something for every need!

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