Garden Tools

Cultivate your gardening skills with our premium collection of garden tools, meticulously crafted for precision and durability, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gardening experience.

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Alfresia Garden Tools

Tidy up your garden with Alfresia's range of garden tools. From garden power tools and garden hand tools, to hose pipes & watering tools, there is something for every garden requirement.

Garden Power Tools

Our garden power tool range consists of 3 cordless power tools, meaning you can garden anywhere, anytime without wire restrictions! Our cordless leaf blower boast 40V power with a 20 minute run time, perfect for freshening up your garden and driveway. Freshen up your hedges with our cordless hedge trimmer, boasting a 30 minute run time and a quick 60 minute charger, get to gardening in no time! Last, but not least in our range is the cordless grass trimmer, with easy to hold handles and a 30 minute run time, have the edges of your garden looking trim this summer. All of our garden power tools come with a high end samsung battery, providing you years of power! Our quick charger is also included to keep your battery full of juice ready for your next gardening day!

Garden Hand Tools


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