Garden Cushions

Explore our vast range of garden furniture cushions, tailored to compliment various styles and sizes making them the perfect addition to any home. From garden chair cushions, to garden bench cushions, we are one of the few remaining companies that make all of our cushions in the UK. From filling to packaging, the entire process unfolds at one of our Greater Manchester factories.

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Alfresia Garden Cushions 

Explore our range of garden cushions, hand filled and packed in the UK to the highest standard, these cushions are built to last, and provide comfort and luxury to your home. We have 2 cushion options, Classic and Luxury, which we recommend using in conjunction with our variety of garden seating styles; swing seats, sun loungers, relaxer chairs, deck chairs and recliners. Protect your garden cushions with our garden cushion storage box, perfect for the winter months.

Luxury Cushions

The Luxury Cushion is filled with thick, expert foam with a thickness of 8cm which surpasses our competitors and provides a robust base. This thickness enables elevated comfort whilst also preventing the cushions from becoming flat over time.

The foam is loaded onto a specialised piece of machinery and compressed to squeeze inside the cushion shell. By producing the Luxury Cushions this way, we can create plump, enduring cushions that provide years of comfort. We encase each seam with contrast piping, a stylish look that adds strength to the entire cushion shell to avoid burst seams. 

Classic Cushions

Alfresia Cushions are designed to stay firm due to the crumb foam filling that provides a robust base. Constructed with another level of fabric set between each layer of material, there is greater room for extra filling. By choosing the thickest foam, we create the ultimate comfortable garden furniture to elevate any outdoor space.

To prevent the cushions from becoming flat over time, the Classic Cushion is overfilled with crumb foam filling to restrict the stuffing moving within the cover. To prevent the filling from excessively moving around the cushion, we have sewn right the way through it to ensure a secure fastening, avoiding buttons which inevitably fall off. This holds the crumb stuffing closer together, maintaining a firm shape.

We encase each seam with contrast piping, a stylish look that adds strength to the entire cushion shell to avoid burst seams. The shell is 100% cotton, a soft material that holds dye expertly and maintains its shape for a long duration.

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