The Importance of Cleaning your BBQ

The Importance of Cleaning your BBQ

So, you’ve just used your shiny new barbecue for the very first time, entertaining the whole family and giving Gordon Ramsey a run for his money with your barbecued bangers. As tempting as it is having spent the afternoon cooking away over a hot grill to simply close the lid and give your cooking area a quick once over next time, it’s important to thoroughly clean your barbecue once the burners have cooled down. 

Giving your cooking area a good scrub is important for a number of reasons, firstly to ensure that your health is not being compromised. You certainly don’t want to be leaving those charcoaled remainders from your last cookout sitting on your grill/griddle, as studies have shown that this burned food contains amino acids and chemicals which are known to cause cancer – so it’s important to remove any of this harmful residue before safely storing your barbecue away for next use.  

Moreover, a build-up of fatty deposits and grease on your barbecue can be a major fire hazard. It is essential to keep your drip tray clean by removing the accumulation of fat and grease which will be left after a heavy barbecuing session. Grease fires can be easily prevented by ensuring that your barbecue is left sparkling clean once you have finished cooking, which will help maintain the life of your barbecue whilst keeping yourself and others safe. 

A final reason why you should keep on top of your barbecue cleaning is to ensure that you are always producing the tastiest food for you and your guests. If your cooking area is covered in food, sauce and debris from your last barbecued meal, this is going to impact the flavours of your fresh burgers. In order to ensure that you’re getting the best smokey flavours from your barbecue every time, don’t forget to give your grills a thorough scour once the party is over.  

Our Easy 4-Step Guide

Cleaning your barbecue doesn’t have to be a painstaking process, our heavy duty Fire Mountain Barbecue Cleaning Brush Set includes all the necessary tools to help you keep your cooking surface as pristine as when it was first bought. Here is our step-by-step method to giving your barbecue grills a thorough clean: 

  1. Whilst your barbecue surface is still warm, usour 3-in-1 BBQ Cleaning Brush with wired bristles to scrape away any remaining food that is left on your cooking surface before it solidifies. Our stainless-steel BBQ Brush with interchangeable heads can also be used to get those hard to reach places between the grills. 
  2. Ensuring that the drip tray is cold, remove it from the barbecue and scrape out any grease that has collected during cooking. Soak in hot water and washing up liquid to remove any remaining fatty deposits. Rinse and dry thoroughly before returning.
  3. Finish wiping your grill with our microfibre cloth using hot soapy water.  
  4. Once you are happy that you have given your cooking surface a deep clean, make sure to shield your barbecue from harsh weather with a protective cover which will ensure the longevity of your BBQ and prevent rust and dirt between cookouts. We provide a variety of barbecue covers on our website for both gas and charcoal models.